Monday, February 11, 2008

Crossing the Country, Catching a Killer

I started reading the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child late in 2006. I had heard about the stories and was sold when Nancy Pearl listed the books in "Book Lust" as "Too Good to Miss". This has to be my favorite of the series.

This was the perfect page-turner for my recent flight to LA. I never saw the ending coming at all! I like Jack Reacher for the same reason I like Gil Grissom (CSI) and Detective Robert Goren (Law & Order: Criminal Intent). Reacher is smart. He is so observant that sometimes while reading I'll think "would I have noticed that?".

This time someone is killing women that Reacher knew while in the service. The FBI railroads Reacher and makes him help with the case. Reacher is also questioning some personal decisions. How can I not like a character that wants to be a hobo?

If you want to check out this series I say start with this one. It stands on its own and is strong the whole way through. I also liked "Hard Way", "One Shot" and "Tripwire". "The Enemy" got a little boring toward the end and "Killing Floor" is super violent and graphic.

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