Friday, April 11, 2008

Book Group Selection - March

Robertson Davies is an author I had never heard of until "The Rebel Angels" showed up on my book club list of books to read. He is the kind of author, though, that when you are riding the bus in Chicago and telling your friend that you are reading one of his books the person in front of you will turn around and exclaim "I LOVE Robertson Davies!".

The jury is still out for me. We had a great discussion about Parlabane and his antics and the spoof on academic institutions. The writing was not my style even though I really liked some of the characters. The story, or the feel of the book, reminded me of Renaissance Fairs. I really don't know why. If the 2nd book in this trilogy shows up on the book group list I would read it but don't think I'll seek anything else out on my own.

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