Friday, April 11, 2008

She Does it Again - Patricia Highsmith

I really can't get enough of Patricia Highsmith but I'm trying not to blast through her collection of writing. I want to spread out reading her books since she's dead and there won't be any new titles.

She is a master of the totally normal story turned creepy. "This Sweet Sickness" is about a regular guy. Sure, a regular guy who keeps a separate house for an imaginary girlfriend - someone he knew briefly and thinks he is in love with and that she's in love with him. The brilliance in Highsmith's writing is that you can see the story from the protagonist's side as well. Yes, he's gone overboard but maybe he was mislead a little.

This is why in my relationships I err on the side of rudeness - no misunderstandings with me! In all seriousness, though, this book also examines what happens when, in a matter of minutes, a life can be turned upside down. This character is as flawed as Ripley but not as sinister - a person that if you were friends with you would say "snap out of it!". But to find out if that happens you'll have to read the book.

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