Monday, May 19, 2008

HOD - Novella Group for May

Last summer I asked some friends to join me in reading a novella each month from May - August. We had a fun time and discovered four new books and authors. So we're trying it again this year. "Heart of Darkness" was the first selection for this season. Only P and I showed up to discuss it at the German Bierstube.

That was ok, though. It's really not a surprise after reading "Heart of Darkness" to see all the essays written about it. The novella packs a lot of themes into a compressed story. We agreed that we liked the construction of the narrative as seafaring storytelling. The narrator, Marlow, had us listening to the story as we read it. You will understand if you read it.

Our suggestion would be to give yourself over to the story. Worry about the themes and footnotes later. Some are more obvious such as imperialism, commercialism and madness. There are also more subtle digs at pointless jobs and keeping up appearances at all costs.

We could not decide if a trip to the heart of darkness could be a round trip of if it's a one way ticket but we did agree that it was an entertaining story.

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