Saturday, June 28, 2008

Suite Francaise - Book Group Selection

"Suite Francaise" was the selection for my Newberry Book Group for May. This book had me really stalled on posting to the blog because I was not sure what to say about it. I know people who really liked this book which is really two stories under one umbrella. The first story is about a group of people fleeing Paris for the French countryside when the Germans invade. The second story is about a small town that is being occupied by Germans.

There are a lot of contrasts between the two stories - city v. country, rich v. poor, movement v. staying put. It is a good book for a Book Group. What surprised me was when we had the book discussion and we talked more about the author. We wondered if her story would have changed if she could have looked back at the events. It was hard to separate the author from the story and I think that tainted my complete enjoyment of the book.

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