Thursday, September 18, 2008

Newberry Pick - June

"Angle of Repose" was the Newberry Book Group selection for June. This book is a slow mover. While I'm happy to have been introduced to Stegner I feel as though this is the type of book people feel they "have" to read. The pacing, subject matter and characters do not make it the type of book I would pick on my own. It did make for a good book discussion.

The back story to this one is interesting. Loosely from my memory of the discussion...Stegner had been contacted by a family to write a history of one of their relatives. The family did not like what he was doing so he took the notes and turned it into a fiction book. How much did he write v. how much did he borrow? My favorite part of the story was the narrator looking back at his relatives. This is the American version of a curl up with it in the Winter book.

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