Sunday, September 21, 2008

Oh Jack Reacher How You Cheer Me Up

I bought "Bad Luck and Trouble" at Sandmeyer's on Dearborn in Chicago. (Well, work really bought it but that's another story). I don't go to that store often but I've never thought the owner to be especially talkative. This one was included in a pile with a Hammet, a mystery set in the Ottoman Empire and another one set in Laos. When he was ringing up my selections he said "you sure do like them hard boiled". Priceless!

I really have only read one bad Lee Child/Jack Reacher book ("The Enemy") so I had high expectations for this one. Was not disappointed. Reacher teams up with his old Army crew to solve the murder of one of their own. So not only do you get Reacher's amazing intuition, you get to also see others like him in action. Their relationships were so great. I'm always fascinated by people who work well together. I know that's why I like CSI and Law and Order.

It's a quick read and not too difficult to follow. The story is set in Los Angeles and since I had been there this year for work I enjoyed visiting the settings. While Reacher can be formulaic the stories are all so different that they make for a great thrill ride.

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