Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Do You Like to Eat Out? Read this Book!

First, in full disclosure, I must say that I really like Ruth Reichl.  She is not only an original foodie, she is a great writer.

This book finds her accepting the job of the food critic of the New York Times. Anyone who likes to eat out will love this book. The lengths she goes to for the review are at times laugh out loud funny.

I especially liked her viewpoint that it's not just French food that should receive reviews. She worked hard to incorporate different cuisines into her rotation and pulled no punches if a restaurant did not live up to the hype.

If I ever saw her I would ask her how blogging has changed the role of the restaurant critic. Now anyone can comment on restaurants so who do you read? If Ruth was still a reviewer, and was in my city, I would read her. She knows ingredients and how to describe them so that you feel you are eating with her. Or at least wish you were!

Now that's she's moved onto to Gourmet magazine I'm not sure if she'll keep writing books. I saw a collection she helped edit about cook's experiences eating in Paris that looked good. But I hope she'll keep sharing her life and food through her own writing.

"Garlic and Sapphires" is a great gift book for any food lover. That's actually how I got to read this copy - I gave it as a gift and then borrowed it back. Took me a long time to get around to reading it for some reason but once I started I did not stop.

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