Thursday, October 16, 2008

Poison - Trying a New Book Group

I've been interested in trying out one of the book groups at Women & Children First, a local bookstore in my neighborhood. The timing and titles have never worked out...until now. Next week they will be discussing "Strong Poison" in their Women's Classics groups and I'm going.

This one hooked me because it's a mystery. The story has some elements of Sayers' own life. If you read about her career be sure and look out for the product placement in this book.

The book is very....British. Lord Peter Wimsey, the detective, is never in much danger. He's a gentleman who puzzles the case out in his own way. (Flashman would make fun of him). Just when you think he has no clue he really does. It's endearing. A little slow by modern standards but not a bad story. I know people who just rave about the Wimsey series. I've heard the next one to try is "Murder Must Advertise".

I have never been to a discussion featuring a mystery before so I'm curious to see how it will fare. At the least I'm trying a new group and will meet some fellow readers.

***Three of us showed up to talk about the book on Wednesday. I was really surprised when we ended and two hours had past. This one had a lot of meat. Marriage, the trends of the day, Sayers as a writer, Sayers as a scholar, the series, Bunter, Whimsey, the Cattery, etc. all made for a fun discussion. One of the attendees is a big fan of the series. While they are still not 100% my taste I think I will try "Murder Must Advertise". I will definitely go back to the book group. November is "Delta Wedding" by Eudora Welty - another author I have never read.

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