Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What's Bred in the Bone - #2 in Cornish Trilogy

I wasn't surprised when this title showed up on our Newberry Book Group list. We had read the first book in the series, "Rebel Angels", in March. I liked "Rebel Angels" ok and was not super excited about this one. Well, #2 was much better than #1.

"What's Bred in the Bone" stands alone if you want to read a funny book about forgery, spies and eccentrics building their art collections. You do get glimpses into the first story but you would not have had to read it to understand this one.

I like Francis Cornish much better than Parlabane so the story was more enjoyable. It made for a good book discussion. Someone pointed out that it took Robertson Davies a long time to get Francis out of childhood but I really did not mind that since his relationships are so interesting with those around him. There was one point in the book when I almost got a bit weepy so watch out if you are reading this in public.

Again, any book that makes strangers tell you how much they love the author is fine by me. I started to understand the appeal of Davies more reading this one. However, I still think his endings are a bit tedious. The very end, end of this one is great but the 10 or so pages leading up to it can get a bit tired.

Will be interested to see how #3, "The Lyre of Orpheus", goes when we read that one next year. We've already decided we need to tackle #3 since we've come this far.

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