Friday, November 28, 2008

The Book Monster and Dennis Lehane

This is my favorite bookmark. I've had it for a very long time. The date on the back is 1976. Yes, I take good care of things. Sorry the image is a little blurry - still learning the digital camera. Anyway, the Book Monster struck over Thanksgiving in a big way.

There has been a Dennis Lehane convergence happening that came to a head last week. My friends have been raving about "The Wire". Bookmarks ran a feature on Lehane and his fiction as well as his writing for "The Wire". I gave in to the suggestions and bought "Mystic River" at the bookstore which is one of his standalone books.

I could not put it down. Literally. I carried it from room to room as I was reading it. Lehane writes men as well as women. Scenes of murder as well as those of love. You read every word and even when you crack the case ahead of the cops, you still read every word to find out how he's going to show his hand.

Three 11-year old friends are playing outside one afternoon when a car pulls up. One of them gets in the car and the other two do not. Their lives are changed forever, and not just the one who got in the car. A story about scary things happening to relatively good people and how events have ripple effects that never end. It's not a cliff hanger ending but a compelling one that carries you out of the book.

This weekend I was thankful for a good book and that I have the time to enjoy reading.

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