Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Other Side of Midnight

I finished this one waiting for my flight to Atlanta on Christmas Day.  The 3.5 hour delay (thank you American Airlines) provided me plenty of time to read this one.  I'm not sure if that was good or bad.  When Sheldon died in 2007 I wondered why I had never read him because he sort of sounds similar to Jeffrey Archer.  

When people say Archer is dated maybe they should pick up some Sidney Sheldon.  I actually had to go back and read the ending to make sure I had it right.  **Spoilers up ahead****you have been warned.

First, Sheldon tends to write more sex than Jeffrey Archer.  And not well.  It's awkward and braggadocios.  Second, the women are ridiculous in this book.  Here's how I think the book should have ended....Noelle, completely bitter at Larry for having taken away her innocence, should have kept up her plot until the end.  She should have been leading him along the whole time and framed him for the murder of Catherine and put him in jail.  Instead she decides, after years of plotting her revenge, that she's still in love with him after he assaults her?  Thanks Sheldon but I'm not buying what you are selling.   I like female characters that are much stronger and can't understand what would have been so wrong with having Noelle act just like Demiris.  And how can Catherine be so dumb at relationships when she's so good at business?  Is that some poke at Women's Lib?  Good at work but not at home?  Well, I'll never get a chance to ask Mr. Sheldon these questions and I have a feeling his books will not survive the test of time.

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