Tuesday, December 16, 2008

September in December

"The Last September" by Elizabeth Bowen was the Women & Children First's December selection for the Women's Classics book group. I told the leader this was the exact type of book I had joined the group to read. It was an author I had never read, a topic I usually don't read about and a time period I know little about.

The cover at right is the one I had and it was not on LibraryThing. I think this cover best represents the book - a young woman alone in sort of a dreamy rendering. Lois is the young woman in the book. She's trying to figure out the bridge between childhood and adulthood. She's in the stage where adults do not take her very seriously. And why should they? She's more concerned with affairs, or falling in love, than noticing that her country is at war.

The three of us who came out to talk about the book remarked that Bowen was a crafty author. She kept three people talking about characters who displayed no emotion. They were not engaged with their surroundings or each other. We agreed that Bowen did not feel sorry for them. The book may seem a little slow but if you decide to read it give it time to percolate. This is one that will have you thinking after you finish it.

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