Monday, January 5, 2009

Twilight - What Can I Say?

One day during the summer I took the bus to work. I had not taken the bus in a while and when I got on the 22 Clark I noticed that the majority of women riding the bus were intently reading books with black covers and some red highlighting. I was curious because I had no idea what they were reading and I consider myself up on these things. I did some research at work and found out what had them so engrossed was any volume in the 4 volume Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer.

I was intrigued. I like vampires. I'm not totally opposed to adults reading young adult fiction. So about 2 months ago I put the first book on hold at the library. I finally received notice before Christmas that the book was ready to pick up. So one snowy night I stopped to get it so I would have it for my trip to Atlanta. Already that is way more work than this story deserves.

It's not that it's a bad concept. Sure, the new kid at school who wants to hang with the cool kids who happen to be vampires has been done - think "Lost Boys". And young adults facing concerns that the adults seem to be unaware of is also not new - think "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". So Stephanie Meyer is in good company. The problem I had with these books is that I felt she had been given a word count goal by her publisher and was trying really, really, really, really hard to make it. I was so sick of reading about Edward's eyes, hair and intense beauty and Bella's stomach turning over that I almost gave up on the book.

I also understand the misunderstood girl falling for the impossibly dark and handsome guy. That's a tale as old as time. But I never felt that Edward and Bella had that great of a relationship. She seemed really whiny and pouty. They misunderstand each other quite a bit. Edward also gave up his secret, and his family's secret, way too fast for me. A better editor might have been able to reign this one in and pick out the better parts of the story. Since I hope you will not waste your time on this one I will say that I'm not surprised Edward did not turn Bella into a vampire in this volume. I'm not sure I would want to spend eternity with her. I've decided I don't want to spend the additional three volumes with them either. The last book read in 2008 - making 51 total. Here's to interesting reading in 2009.

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