Wednesday, February 11, 2009


A very well researched and written biography of Mrs. F. Scott Fitzgerald. Sad as you could probably guess. The most interesting tidbit for me was how much Zelda informed Fitzgerald's writing. He used parts of her journal, letters she had written him and their relationship as the basis for his fiction. While she had aspirations of her own to write, or be creative, they were not realized and caused friction with her husband. It's hard to judge their relationship by today's standards. We might ask why she did not leave them or why he did not divorce her if he was living with other women. I think they were the only two who knew exactly what they meant to each other. If you like biographies and/or "The Great Gatsby" this is one to check out.

I also updated the post for "So Long A Letter" since the book group finally met in early February to discuss the title.

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