Sunday, April 5, 2009

Gone Baby Gone

Scored this one in the free book exchange in my mom and dad's building. Why do I like dark stories so much? Well, I like them dark if I'm reading a good writer. Dennis Lehane is really good. I've said it before. He crafts a very tight story and has great characters. Maybe you don't want to be friends with them but they pack in plenty of entertainment. This is the first one I've read with the team of Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro who are featured in most of his books. The story is so real. Plus maybe I like dark because the bad guys can get away with so much - a point Patrick makes in this story - and wouldn't we sometimes like to get away with things?

He doesn't create any Hollywood endings per se (even though his books have been made into movies) and he certainly doesn't hold back. I plan to read more by him and look forward to going back to the earlier books with Patrick and Angela. They have a very believable relationship and I enjoyed watching them work together. I felt in "The Given Day" that Lehane had a little trouble with the secondary characters, but in this book the secondary characters are just as interesting and strong as the main ones. The story is not for the meek but if you like great writing check it out. (The dig on the Smiths is pretty funny).

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