Sunday, April 5, 2009

I'm Back - Non-Fiction for what ails you

I'm back. Wow, I was in a reading funk for the beginning part of March. Nothing was sticking with me. I would start a book and it would not click. There can be a right time and wrong time for books. I thought maybe it was fiction that was not speaking to me. I could not relate to some of the stories, or they weren't interesting to me, so I thought some non-fiction just might do the trick to re-start my reading.

My brother bought me a gift certificate to the local bookstore for Christmas. I always feel so decadent when I get free money to spend on books. I tried to get a mix of fiction and non-fiction so had this one waiting to be read.

"The Zookeeper's Wife" is a very interesting story about Poland during WWII and the German occupation. Boy, Poland had it bad. I can't imagine what it would be like living in an occupied country. The family featured in the story runs a zoo that is bombed during the German invasion and then later serves as a place for Jews to stay as they make their escape from Poland. The family took a lot of risks and had great success in helping those in the Polish Underground.

The subject matter certainly gets you thinking, and hopefully talking, about what life would have been like in Poland at the time. I also thought a lot about war in general and the U.S.'s involvement in WWII. Did we know this many Jews were being killed? Would we have gotten involved if Pearl Harbor had not been bombed? So the subject matter is very thought provoking. The book is not as well written as it could have been. Even with all the research there are parts where the book is a little dry. However, reading about real events got me back into a rhythm and out of my reading dry spell.

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