Monday, June 15, 2009

Deja Vu

"Pleasure of My Company" is the next selection for the Summer Novella group. I finished it the other day and when I was reading it I kept thinking of another book. "Millard Fillmore" also stars a neurotic, yet good looking, young man who......wait...I can't give anything away before Sunday. To those of you in Chicago coming out it will be a funny discussion.

I looked up the publication dates and "Fillmore" was published on August 12, 2004. "Pleasure of My Company" was published October 6, 2004. There must have been something in the air. I don't expect anyone else to pick up on the similarities. After all, only 33 people on Library Thing have "Fillmore" in their collection.

Also, "Pleasure of My Company" is the second novella from Martin and that surprised me. I read "Shopgirl" a while ago but it struck me as more mature. This felt like more of a first outing. I'm looking forward to hearing what the rest of the Novella Group thinks and will keep you posted.

****Novella Group Update
7 of us met last night at Resi's Bierstube to discuss "Pleasure of My Company". It's finally warm in Chicago and it felt great to sit outside and enjoy some cold beer. There was one weird moment when Resi's was eerily quiet and it felt as though everyone in the beer garden was listening to our book discussion.

After a little background on Steve Martin and some excerpts from book reviews, I kicked off the discussion with the question of why would he use first person narration for this story? Because of the narration I had trouble separating Daniel from Steve Martin. Others did not have that issue with the story. We did question how Daniel presented to others since we were only getting his side of the events.

I was a bit cynical about Martin writing the novella as a screenplay and asking who he would cast in the roles of the 4 women. We liked the dig on society with Daniel winning the Most Average American contest....twice. Some liked the end and some thought it ok. I think I can safely say that we all enjoyed the book and discussion. Thanks to everyone who came out and looking forward to next month!

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