Friday, June 5, 2009

Nothing to Lose

I needed a book where people were going to get punched. I can't explain it but that's just the way I was feeling when I picked up this installment in the Jack Reacher series. Lee Child takes on a lot of groups with this one - religious fundamentalists, domestic terrorists, Homeland Security, war pacifists, and environmentalists. So many sub-plots can leave you scratching your head. Or thinking a little too deeply, as I was this morning, about what does it mean to have "nothing to lose"? Is America so worried about being politically correct that the only one who can take on the bad guys is Jack Reacher? Specifically because he belongs to no formal organization, there is no one to blame, and nothing to lose? It could be a dig by the author. Or an attempt to cover lots of current day issues in one story. Either way it was a quick read and just what I wanted. As I've said before Reacher is very observant. I find myself thinking like him for a few days after I finish one of these books. It's pretty funny.

Looking for some summer reading? This is a great video a friend told me about. I want to be this guy's best friend. And I want to read most of these!

If you are feeling adventurous join me this summer join me in this challenge. I bought the book. I'm even taking a vacation in early June in part to read and also to relax. I'll let you know how it goes.

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jmogs said... do you read so fast?

I have been working on American Lion and a couple other things for weeks...months...

I guess I am a slow reader...but really, I remain impressed with your ability to gobble these pages up!