Monday, June 22, 2009

What I'll be Reading this Summer

I am participating in the Infinite Summer Challenge. The reading officially kicks off today but I started the book on Friday. It's not against the rules - I just have to be sure to not reveal any spoilers if I post to the Facebook group.

The Infinite Summer group deserves a big round of applause. They are so organized! You can just feel the passion and love for this project. They have guest posters to their blog to talk about why they are reading the book. They have a syllabus so readers can track their project. And when I checked last week they have 3000+ signed up on the Facebook group.

The first thing I had to do was figure out how to hold the book. I have the paperback copy. If I put it on a pillow on my lap that works pretty well. I'm thankful for bi-focals. Once I got a little into the book I could recline and prop it up on my chest. I'm a monogamous book reader so since it was raining this morning in Chicago the book traveled with me to the bus and the gym. I will be building some muscles!

So far so good. This book reminds me of a marathon. I'm not worried about Mile 24. Right now I'm just enjoying Mile 1. The foreword by Dave Eggers in the 2006 edition put my mind at ease. You don't need any specific smarts to read the book - you just need to give yourself over to the writing and the story. Or stories.

The Infinite Summer group runs until September but I'm going to Atlanta next week for a vacation. My hope is to knock out about 500 pages when I'm out of town since I will have a lot of time to read. I don't want to rush it but do want to finish it. Again, sort of like my marathon running.

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