Monday, July 6, 2009

Infinite Jest - Update

I am on page 367 as of this morning. My trip to Atlanta was very relaxing and provided a lot of free time for reading. This book is dense. You do not skim it. I don't say that as a bad thing because I am really enjoying the book. I love how the characters travel in similar circles, as they say in "Motherless Brooklyn" - "wheels within wheels".

Some of the hints on the Infinite Summer website said just hang in until page 250. I kept thinking "but I'm enjoying all the parts up to 250". So now that I've passed that mark, and there wasn't some sort of huge change in the story, I guess I've made it.

The family in the book reminds me a little bit of the family in "The Corrections" so I'm wondering if Franzen read "Infinite Jest". As the introduction said it's not a hard read - just a long one. Now that I'm home I hope I can continue to carve out time to spend with my summer read. I do look forward to picking it up. The book is sad and funny.

My only complaint is one passage in the book where Wallace incorrectly describes needlepoint. It bothered me because he's so rigid about language to make that kind of error.

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