Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Uncommon Reader - July Novella Group

"The Uncommon Reader" by Alan Bennett was our Novella selection for July. Unlike last summer, no one went crazy, was accidentally shot, beat to death or pushed out a window. A welcome relief. This is a slim, delightful book. On the surface it is the story of the Queen of England discovering the joys of reading -- really through trying to be polite to one of her subjects. Within the story are questions such as what is it to be a reader, does the book make the reader and is it ok to give up on a book?

We had a great discussion. If your book group needs a break and is looking for a shorter book this would be a good choice. It got us talking and sharing. How do you pick what you read? What did you first start reading? Who in your family reads? What do we expect from elected officials - should they read or be too busy to read? I gained some valuable insight into my fellow Novella group readers discussing these questions.

This books is for anyone who has tried to keep a conversation going with the question "what are you reading?" and been delighted by a suggestion of a new author or title or totally baffled when someone reveals they don't read. The comments about authors are very humorous. The weather in Chicago would not have you think that summer is almost over but we only have one more Novella before we call it quits until next year.

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