Monday, August 24, 2009

1984 - The Past and the Future

Thanks to A. in DC for talking about this title. Her enthusiasm for it caused me to buy it twice. Ha ha, not really, but it is one of the few books we own two of in our house. I thought it would make a good selection for the first Bonus Novel for the Novella Group.

Seven of us showed up at Resi's on a gorgeous Fall afternoon in Chicago. We had great weather this year for our group and enjoyed the outdoors and a cold foamer at each meeting.

This is one to re-visit if you've read it before. If you read in high school you really should re-read it. We agreed that in high school your life is not your own anyways so a book about losing freedom doesn't mean as much.

Here are some of themes we discussed:
  • The Two Minute Hate
  • the historical background
  • reduction of language
  • Big Brother and big brother (Winston)
  • Julia, women and sexuality
  • What's in your Room 101?
  • Was there a Brotherhood?
  • The Party and how its genius of looking at the past
  • Jobs

There was much more and we could have gone on longer than an hour but we all were going to dinner at Cafe 28. I'm glad it wasn't Cafe 101! A great meal and a great end to our 2009 Novella Season. J. made a suggestion to meet in the Winter for a short read so I'll ask around for suggestions.

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abapubliced said...

I'm all for newspeak ... it's doublegood way to talk for the unactive people.