Thursday, August 27, 2009

80s Fiction, Books & Movies

In the true spirit of the 80s this post will be about me.
  • I moved to Chicago in May of 1991. I used to go to the movies a lot. "The Player" (the movie) came out in 1992. I saw it twice in the theater. I thought Tim Robbins was dead sexy as a movie executive that gets away with murder. (I just learned the Vincent D'Onofrio is the writer - I will have to rent the movie to watch again).
  • Michael Tolkin wrote "Gleaming The Cube". I'm one of the few people who saw that movie in the theater. I also know that it was renamed "Brotherhood of Justice" when it played on tv.
  • I had to search to find this cover to post on the blog. I love the Vintage Contemporaries covers. I wanted to work for them - they had the best authors in the 80s and the coolest artwork. Ok, for that time. Now it looks like a Miami Vice flashback.
The pitch for this book in 25 words or less:
Movie executive commits murder and gets away with it. Avoiding being caught for murder is nothing compared to trying to stay on top in Hollywood.

And real life imitates art. Tolkin started writing movies and then turned to books. Tolkin wrote this book and then a sequel, "The Return of the Player". While "The Player" was optioned for television, a show was never produced.

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