Friday, September 11, 2009

Ladies Night and Do I want to Continue?

Way back in August (it feels so long ago now), P. and I took a week off from work and stayed in Chicago. We had talked about it for years and finally did it. It was great fun. Of course we had to kick off the festivities early so the Thursday before our staycation I invited some friend to join me for Ladies' Night at the Comic Vault. I've ridden my bike by the Comic Vault, and its ad for Ladies' Night, for a few years and decided it was time to visit the store. J. and G. joined me to explore the current world of comics. Neither of them had ever been to a comic book store! My brother and I used to love comics in high school.

The staff working that night were just great. They were so into comics and J. started talking to them about movies and found some new friends. The guys working asked us what type of stories we liked to read to try to help us find some comics. I said that I like hard boiled detective, noir type stories. They suggested "Young Liars". The series started in 2008 and the guys at the store said everyone raves about it. I decided to try the series and bought the first compilation (Volume 1: Daydream Believer) which consists of issues #1-#6. When it was time to pay for our purchases the guys said "you're in luck - it's Ladies' Night" and we said "that's why we are here!". Just too funny - and I. showing up as we were leaving was even better. The staff asked us to come back soon and let us know what we thought about our purchases.

I. would ask me if I had started my comic. It took me a few weeks to pick it up. This story is raw. There is a lot of dark material and it's weird and does not make sense. I forgot the style of comic book writing where the author has introduce a whole bunch of story lines and might not have an idea of where they might end up. "Young Liars" is disturbing and graphic and I. made a good point in that violence is graphic so that's why it's the subject of a lot of comics. I'm not sure I like any of the characters. I'm not sure I understand the plot. However, I keep thinking about it and thinking "do I want to see what happens?" and the answer is "yes". So I'll try the second collected volume and see what happens to Sadie and her group and decide if I want to continue with this comic.

We met P. and L. at Mixteco after Ladies Night so a fun night was had by all as we showed off our new purchases and regaled them with stories from the comic book store.

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