Thursday, September 17, 2009

Secret Scripture - Newberry is Back in Session

"Secret Scripture" by Sebastian Barry was the first pick for the new season of the Newberry Book Group. And what a pick it was!

A 100-year old Irish woman in a mental institution begins to write the story of her life. Her doctor must evaluate her case because the institution is being closed and he has to figure out which patients can go back into society and which ones can be moved to the new location. This story is told from both of their viewpoints and involves the Catholic Church and the political struggle in Ireland.

You might think BORING and you would be wrong. Don't miss this one. It's beautifully written. The characters are so full and interesting. It's a story of small town with small town secrets and tragedies. So, so good. So, so sad. You read it and we'll talk about it.

This would make a great book group selection. It has a lot to talk about but is not a difficult read.

Here you can check out Paul Ingram from Prairie Lights Books talking about Sebastian Barry. I will read more by this author.

**I took this book to the Cubs game on Monday so I could get in some reading before the game. The security guard who checked my bag when I entered Wrigley Field said "no reading during the game". Ha ha.

Then the usher for our section said "did you bring a book?". I said I had some time to kill before my friends arrived. He said no reading during the game....unless it got really boring. It wasn't the most exciting game but the Cubs won. Go Cubs Go! I don't recommend this book for reading before a baseball game unless you are at home watching the game on tv. It's sad. Save it for home and a blanket and a hot beverage.

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