Thursday, October 22, 2009

Basketball Diaries

I like LeBron James and I don't even really watch NBA Basketball. No, I love him for his discontinued Bubblicious Gum (LeBron's Lightning Lemonade) and his Kid n' Play dance on the State Farm commercial more than his skills on the court. When the book was reviewed in the New York Times, I put it on hold at the library.

I had higher hopes since Buzz Bissinger is so well known for "Friday Night Lights" (which I have not read yet). Maybe he was too intimidated by LeBron or the book needed a better editor but parts of it get really, really repetitious. For example, LeBron constantly uses the word "karma" and also talks about Little Dru's "chip on his shoulder". Maybe the co-authors could have broken out a thesaurus and mixed it up a little.

Other than that it is an interesting story about race, youth and success. I've seen "Hoop Dreams". I know the chances of making it to the NBA, and then becoming successful in the NBA and then being the player with the top endorsements is a gazillion to one chance. LeBron is lucky because he had people who were looking out for him and put him in the right place at the right time. While he went to the NBA right from high school he still seems able to look at his journey with maturity. In this book he is relating a time where some of the drama happened simply because he was a teenager. And what teenager isn't going to cause some trouble when he appears on the cover of Sports Illustrated?

It's a quick read especially if you kind of skim over the basketball games which I did - just as I would do in real life. I like the personal back stories better anyways. I'm going to see LeBron play the Bulls next year and look forward to seeing the real person the court.

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