Monday, December 21, 2009

Let Down by A Year in Reading - Gave Up on this One

I am a sucker for The Millions "Year in Reading" series. I love it and enjoy reading it at the year end. It is my kind of wrap-up because it is not all new books - it's books people read this year that they enjoyed.

Julie Klam had me all excited about "In the Drink" which I promptly ordered from Abebooks. I started it as soon as I finished Maisie Dobbs and was looking forward to a chick-lit type book but better. I kept telling myself that was what it was but it was not. The book was dumb. Who would really work for someone so terrible if they were not making good money? The main character is in debt (seen it - "Confessions of a Shopaholic") and has a lousy job ("Devil Wears Prada") and funny friends and complicated lovelife ("Bridget Jones' Diary"). Even with that pedigree it was not good and I gave up on it on the 22 Clark bus heading to work this morning. I felt as though the author, Kate Christensen, had a word a day calendar so that every once in a while she would throw in a zinger. I could not tell if she was doing that to make fun of the main character and it was an affectation or if it's her literary style. For David Foster Wallace I will stop to look up a word, for this book I would not.

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Andrea A. said...

haha, "this book is dumb" made me laugh. :) tell us how you really feel!