Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Without Fail

When I started reading this one I was thinking "wow, this is the best Lee Child/Jack Reacher book I've read". The characters were strong and the plot was interesting. It's the 6th book in the Reacher series and had most of the elements - a desperate situation, a love interest and smart people. I did notice that this story lacked Reacher talking about his innate sense of time. That is usually a big point in the storyline and since I live with someone who always knows what time it is without a watch I notice the trait.

I was moving happily along until just about the end. Then it fell apart. The motivation for the bad guys was just......weak. If I retaliated that much against people I did not like I would have been in trouble a long time ago. It did not seem plausible. The violence outweighed the history. It's like those new Bud Light commercials...too heavy, too light. I like the one where the poodle is driving the car but I digress.

So if you're on a trip, or a fan of the Reacher books and a stickler about reading them all, then pick this one up. I wish the ending would have been different because this one was really enjoyable until that point.

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