Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Start of 2010

Imagine you have been out on New Year's Eve to a bar with a bunch of friends. It's a typical New Year's Eve where it's 9 p.m., then it's midnight (hello 2010!) and then you're at Korean BBQ and walking home around 4 a.m. It just happens. So to kick off the new year you want something simple. Ease into it. Something you can read while watching Northwestern play the longest Bowl game ever. A book that does not interfere with Ohio State winning the Rose Bowl.

"All Our Yesterdays" fits that bill. P's dad had this one in his "reading room" for as long as I have known their family. When P's dad was getting ready to move I took this paperback. I was curious - here was a book that had been in one spot for about 9 years. It never moved. It was most likely purchased at a used book store or church rummage sale and had the 50 cent price sticker to prove it. (This is where Kindle does not make sense - this is a 50 cent pulp fiction book - not a $6.39 Kindle book).

Who knew but the author, Robert B. Parker, also wrote a series featuring Spenser. Yes, "Spenser: For Hire" as the series became for television. This is not a Spenser book. This one features 3 generations of Irish males - the Sheridan clan. They are all cops, they can't share their emotions and they are all a bit obsessive. The reader follows them through Boston and their connection to the Winslow family. It's really not that bad. Ok, it's not that good, but, again, what else can you read and comprehend while watching more sports because on Monday night the Chicago Bulls and Blackhawks were playing. Yes, it's a rough life in Chicago. Happy 2010!

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