Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Believe the Hype

Oh, yeah, believe the hype the Stieg Larsson trilogy has received. Lisbeth Salander is my new favorite character. Yes, the book is gruesome in parts but it really packs a punch. You think it's over, and then there's another ending, and then another ending. The kind of book you read while you are making dinner if no one else is home. The characters are smart and the dialogue is good and there are also some funny parts.

It's no wonder that people were importing the 3rd book before it was released in the U.S. - you finish the book and want to see what happens next. Maybe that is due, in part, to the fact that there are only three of them.

I bought a used copy and it's a little beat up but not too bad. If anyone is interested in it let me know and I will pass it along.

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