Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Baseball Season is Almost Here!

Baseball season is right around the corner. I attended the ticket draft a few weeks ago at the Map Room. We share Cubs' tickets with a group of people. This guy next to us asked us what we were doing because "it looked so cool". It is, my friend. Random drawings to determine the order and then the decision of April v. September. Will they be any good this year? The billboards are promising Year 1 with a new owner. Hopefully Year 1 doesn't start the World Series count over for another 100 years.

The impending baseball season made this one a good choice. Spenser is hired to investigate a Red Sox pitcher who could be throwing games. The story is pretty quaint compared to the headlines for players today. (Spoiler!!!!) A pitcher married to a woman who was a prostitute and starred in one pornographic movie? Please. Watch reality tv and get much worse. No way you could blackmail someone with that information now.

Spenser has only known Susan for a year. No Pearl the Wonder Dog and no Hawk --- yet. Just checked and this was the 3rd book. Bought this one at Market Fresh Books in Evanston where they weigh the books by the pound. So it's early in the series but luckily I have the first two at home from a recent Abebook order. Whew! Bring it on Spenser and Go Cubs!

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