Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Author (for me)

Found this one on a trip to Bookworks. I never knew the store had a name - I call it the Crazy Bookstore in Lincoln Square. It's not for the faint of heart. It is crammed, not in order and really just a luck of the draw. Cash only as well in case you decide to visit.

In my case I found of stack of Rex Stout books and had to investigate. He's from Noblesville, IN! (That's where P's brother lived before Paris). Born in 1886. He created the detective Nero Wolfe. A new detective series to check out! One of the books I bought has a forward by Lena Horne.

This one is not a Nero Wolfe story. It features detective Tecumseh Fox. C'mon - is that not a great name? He has a wonderful crew of friends who help him out. In so many of these stories you really don't care who did it because you are swept up in the dialogue. This one was written in 1939 and I think some of the slang went over my head but I'm sure they were double entendres galore! Snappy and witty banter for all! A slim book and good for my recent travel. I swear the cover looks like Bob Newheart, but it's not.

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