Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Phases of Olive

This is the Newberry selection for March and I am so sad that I am going to miss the discussion. I am so interested to hear what my fellow book group folks think of this one.

Here were my 3 phases of reading during "Olive Kitteridge".

Phase I - Wow, this is a gutsy way to write a book. Each chapter could be considered a short story with Olive popping up at some point. The author makes her a local schoolteacher so it's not odd that she would know a lot of people in the town during different phases of their life. The danger is if the chapters are not even and someone likes one better than the other. I could see why this one won the Pulitzer Prize.

Phase II - C'mon....how many bad things can happen to one person? Or one town? And Christopher wins the worst son award right after Gogol in "Namesake". This is getting tiring.

Phase III - The end. You have got to be kidding me. I don't think Olive Kitteridge would like this book. I felt dumb at the end. Such a great start and then psssssstt............

Don't bother - if you want to read a better small town book pick up "Downtown Owl".


Andrea A. said...

I liked this book a lot, despite the craziness at the end. I should give 'downtown owl' a try, though.

nightshefell said...

I completely agree with your post on Olive. I thought the beginning was interesting, but had to give up in the middle and decided that my time would be better spent baking cookies than reading through to the end. Glad to hear that I didn't miss anything!