Monday, May 10, 2010

The Graphic Novel for Novella Group

I had to leave North Korea in order to read "Persepolis" which is the May selection for the Novella Group. No, I'm not starting an Axis of Evil reading kick although it may seem like it.

"Persepolis" was a request by the Novella Group. We wanted to try to read novellas from other continents. We have not read a graphic novel before but I think the artwork is going to add another layer to the discussion.

I read "The Complete Persepolis" over the weekend which is Volume I and Volume II as they were published in the United States. It's a quick read although I found myself going back to read text or look at the pictures. Satrapi's voice is very straightforward. The heavy black and white artwork is arresting. I enjoyed this history lesson presented with words and pictures. It's a hard story about violence in a country that separates families.

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