Wednesday, July 7, 2010

ALA and Meeting Lehane

This is my haul from the American Library Association Annual meeting that just took place in Washington, DC. I was there for work but, as you can see, had some time to visit the vendors at the trade show to pick up a few new books. Some were free, most were purchased at steep discounts at the Penguin booth. P's question was "how did the plane fly on the way home?". Trust me - I was not the only one hauling back this many books in my bag. It's a library conference!

So you may notice that in the middle of the pile is one from Dennis Lehane. Yes! He has a new book out. When I saw that he was going to be at ALA I was so excited. I helped out a work function and they used my trade show pass to get into the show early and get in line to get his autograph. Ok, a little unfair I suppose, but there were people in front of me who did the same thing! I asked if they were going to be selling anything for him to sign and the rep from the publisher said they would have a galley. In my excitement I forgot that meant "new book" - I was thinking something like a record flat. Anyway, Dennis Lehane is very nice in person. The few seconds I spent babbling to him anyways while I explained that I was so happy to see that he has a new book out and how if I could not wait in line to meet him I was going to run by the booth shouting "write something new!".

"Moonlight Mile" is the brand new one from Dennis Lehane.  It's so new you may not even be able to get it yet**.  But let me tell you - it's good.  When you were a kid did you ever want to stay up all night reading but you couldn't because you weren't allowed and you thought you would change that when you became an adult?  Well, last night it was about 90 degrees in Chicago with no breeze and no air conditioning and I did not have much more to go in this one and could not fall asleep so got up to read and stayed up until about midnight finishing it. 

It picks up where "Gone Baby Gone" left off so Patrick and Angie are back.  Lehane does a great job of getting you back into the story while still respecting the fact that you have probably read all of his previous books and don't need to be beat over the head with background material.  I'm not saying you could not start with this one - you would not be lost - but for those who read the other books you get right back into the flow.  I had one little beef but not enough to take away from the overall book.  It's fast paced and I've missed Patrick and Angie.  Plus, Boston, like so many cities that host a lot of detective stories, has a never ending supply of bad guys.  The Russians get their due in this one.  As does the state of the economy and the every day pressures of life. 

So enjoy because Dennis Lehane is back!  (Now write another one!).  :)  Please!

**And you can't borrow mine.  Autographed books do not circulate from the Palmer library.  Sorry.

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