Thursday, July 15, 2010

Another Winner from Prairie Lights - Mathilda Savitch

Please don't worry about me when I tell you my favorite book of 2010 is about a pre-teen girl who has a sister that was murdered. 

Please don't worry when I tell you that "Mathilda Savitch" is one of the best books I have ever read.  I mean it.  It's magical the way it was written.  I guess I assumed because the main character is named Mathilda, and that strikes me as an old fashioned name, that the story would take place in the past.  It is more modern and deals with some current events.  The issues it deals with are timeless - the story could happen anytime, anywhere.  It may make you consider how you act, and what you say, in front of children.  They are not as unobservant as they appear. 

And PLEASE don't read reviews of this book if you are thinking of reading it.  This is one where the reviews will really ruin the story for you.  Thanks online reviewers for tirelessly recounting all of the plot - why would I want to read it now? 

Of course you can read Paul's post about it because he knows how to get you interested without giving the farm away.  This one ended up in my pile during my Prairie Lights visit.  I really enjoyed it.  It is a unique story with a very unusual narrator.  I would give Mathilda a big squeeze if I could.  Instead I will encourage you to pick this one up and see for yourself how you like it.

"The best stories are like that.  They're like spaceships.  They take you somewhere far away, and you think, oh, what a weird place.  But then you think, wait, maybe I've been here before.  Maybe I was even born here." 
- "Mathilda Savitch" by Victor Lodato

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