Monday, July 26, 2010

Eh - same old, same old

Eh.  I bought "French Milk" with a gift card at a local bookstore.  I thought I would try a graphic novel and it's about a trip to France so how could I go wrong?  This book confirmed that I do not enjoy mother/daughter stories.  Are you friends with your mom?  I'm not - my mother is my mother, we have no ambiguity in our relationship.  Yes, I have been on vacation with my mother.  We had a great time but I never questioned our place.  She is my mom and that is that.

The author is young when she wrote this and I have to say I don't really remember 22.  But I was never this woman.  I was not this exotic, and yet stunted, at the same time.  I agree with her boyfriend who reprimands her about whining about spending five weeks in Paris.

I did like her drawings.  I did enjoy the cataloging of the places she went in Paris.  I could not identify with the mid-life crisis/panic in the early 20s.  Give me a break.  If you can't stomach the plane ticket to Paris right now, and I know I'm making alternate vacation plans, then read this book if you've been there to remember how amazing Paris is for any tourist.  Want something else?  Read an Aimee Leduc mystery.

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