Monday, July 26, 2010

New Format and OMG

I have some driving to do over the next few weeks.  I have learned my lesson about radio outside of Chicago.  Sometimes you will think it's a really fun song and then you realize it's about Jesus Christ.  Not this time!  I will not be fooled.

So I checked out some books on CD from the library.  I was pretty excited when I saw "Imperial Bedrooms" by Bret Easton Ellis because it's a follow-up to "Less Than Zero".  Plus Andrew McCarthy, Clay from "Less Than Zero", is the narrator.

Well, ugh, ugh, ugh.  I guess there is a reason why Bret Easton Ellis' name is bigger than the title on this one.  Hoping to dupe the reader.  The book/book on CD starts out great - a reflection on the reality and fantasy of making "Less than Zero' and the 80s.  After that?  Wow - shame on you Bret!  You are a hack.  You take "Less than Zero" and smush it with "American Psycho".  If I had not been in a car in the middle of Indiana I would not have finished this one.  I really liked the mystery part of the story but the depraved sex?  C'mon - find a new crutch.  If this is the extent of your talent than you should retire.  No one reads anymore anyways or haven't you heard?  So why waste our time?

Andrew McCarthy retains his boyish lisp and makes a very good narrator for the book.  If I would have heard "Doheny Plaza" or "it's complicated" one more time I might have driven my car into a stanchion.  Skip this one in ALL FORMATS.  You have been warned.

I did enjoy listening to a book on CD and will continue to explore titles in this format to keep me entertained during road trips.

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