Friday, August 27, 2010

Immersed in Wallander

I have a friend, T., who has a music blog.  T. has not posted lately because he has been obsessed with one band.  A band that has been around for a while and has a lot of albums and when T. started his blog he thought he would write about new music.  But who really cares?  Sometimes you get into a groove and things just feel right.  You want to listen to a song on repeat.  You cook the same meal that you enjoy.  I have a hat pattern I knit a few times a year because I know the result will be exactly what I want.  And the past couple books I've read have been Kurt Wallander mysteries because I have discovered that I really like them.  I don't think T. should feel bad that he has a singular obsession right now - embrace it and tell people why you are so blown away by the band....or, in my case, the author and the character. 

With the majority of books I read I take them to the thrift store.  Now I'm wishing I had not taken "Dogs of Riga" as quickly as I did because I think P. would have like to read it.  This book follows "Dogs of Riga" - "The Man who Smiled" is #4 in the Wallander series.  At least according to the spine of this book which I believe is a UK release (picked it up at Newberry).

Oh, this one is good.  I'm starting to understand the Swedish mystery a little more with each book I read set in that country.  One of the bad guys is the country itself that is changing and people are not ready for it.  Or they can't believe it.  How did this happen?  How did people get so violent and who will protect the innocent?  What is happening to a country that has always provided for its people going to do when times change and private interests become more powerful?

Through it all Wallander works to solve the crime.  It's funny because at times I thought "man, I would just give up at this point" but his team keeps working toward a solution.  As a reader it's easy to say that Wallander should have recognized the bad guy before he did but no one else suspected the person either.  I enjoyed this one and it was perfect for my recent travel.  Kind of like listening to the same band for a while.  You'll move onto other bands, or authors, eventually, but right now you are in a comfort zone.  It's not a bad thing.

Now for a recommendation - with the purchase of a new computer and iPod I have been listening to podcasts and Nancy Pearl has a very current book review podcast available on iTunes.  I've listened to the Touch of Fantasy one and I have a few books from that one that I would like to check out.  She just makes you want to read everything so be forewarned!

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