Sunday, September 19, 2010

Going back to #1 Kurt

The Scene:  Myopic Bookstore on a Wednesday Night killing time before Quimby's

Looking for the shop cat all over the store.  No, not on the second floor, don't see him on the fiction landing.  I'll go to the basement and check out the mysteries and see if he's down there.  Hmmmm....sure is a little creepy in the basement.  No one else is down here and the mystery room is pitch black.  Should I look for a light switch?  Sure is quiet down here - hope no one sneaks up behind me.  Creepy deserted basement.  Mystery room in darkness.  I think I'll run back upstairs and ask them if the light is burned out.  That seems much safer!

Never found the cat but did find the first in the Kurt Wallander series which is what I wanted.  Read it in a fever pitch.  Again, great story telling and not the usual "solved in 60-minutes" mystery.  As with the other installments, you are reminded that Kurt Wallander is more than a detective and in this story you see how, and where, it all begins.  You can read the books out of order - I've read #2 and #4 and now finally read #1.  The BBC series is filmed out of order so not following the series exactly won't affect any enjoyment.   I don't want to give too much away but I'm wondering how much Mankell had planned when he wrote this first Kurt Wallander mystery.  Did he have a timeline for the characters and ideas for future plots?

If I do ever meet Henning Mankell in person I'm going to ask him what is the deal with the hares?  Kurt runs over one in every book.

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