Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Not bad - an author to watch

If we were at the bookstore together and you picked this one up I would encourage you to buy it.  It's a good book.  It's not a great book.  It's a very enjoyable story, a quick read, a historical novel and a family history**.  I felt the characters were a little stiff.  I think the author had more hits than misses during the story and I would read other books by him.

When we read "Death and the Penguin" there was a review on the back cover that called the book a "minor classic" and we were saying how that was kind of a backhanded compliment.  This book could be a minor classic.  A book that is popular for a few years and then fades away.  I also picture this one as a movie.   The author works in Hollywood and writes screenplays and has already had another book turned into a movie so that's not much of a stretch.  But, again, if you asked me if you should take the time to read this one I would say "yes".

**Good one for David Benioff!  I was looking to see if this was going to be made into a movie and found out something about the book that surprised me.  I was going to say I did not like the writing convention he used at the start of the book but reading this interview makes me like it better.  SPOILER in the interview so do not read it if you are going to read the book.  Wait until after you are done.

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