Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thanks Nancy - quick read makes for a quick flight

Nancy Pearl now has a Twitter feed.  You will read it with your hand on your credit card or searching your local library catalog or running off to the bookstore or checking your bookshelves so be warned.  Nancy Pearl on Twitter makes sense to me because 140 characters is enough to reveal her passion for a book and encourage me to check it out.

Years ago I loved Josephine Hart.  I love her lush prose and breathless, sexy stories so when Nancy said she felt this was her best one I was buying it for $1 on Abebooks.  Due to bad weather and a long flight I knocked this one out quickly.  It's not my favorite Hart book and I still prefer "Damage" or "Sin" but maybe I need to re-read them to be sure.  Thanks, or no thanks, to the movie of "Damage" I will forever picture Jeremy Irons in the lead role in any of Hart's books.  But I picture him in the lead role of most English books owing to my love of the "Brideshead Revisited" mini-series.  (Oh, I must rent that one again!  Is it true the remake did not have Aloysius?  Just terrible.)

My favorite parts were Jack's meetings with his patients.  I could have done without the story of his sister.  But you win some and you lose some and it was a good book for a bad flight. 

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