Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Accident or On Purpose

I might have accidentally (or on purpose) brought a shorter book ("The Reconstructionist") on my trip to Boston.  Because if I finish a book I can get a new one and I figured Boston would have some good bookstores.

I was lucky enough to be at Harvard on Thursday with time to kill before my meeting.  My co-worker was telling me about the great remainder section at the Harvard Book Store.  No kidding!  It has a place in part of the first floor and the entire basement.  Great selection - fiction, history, biography, art, etc.  Some of the books you pick up and think "I could be a person who reads about......(fill in the blank)".

But I'm not.  I'm a person who really likes Swedish mysteries.  So when I saw this one used I had to have it.  So great.  Possibly the best Wallander thus far.  Why?  Because even if you are generally not a mystery person this is a great story.  Wow, does Kurt have a lot to deal with in this one.  I won't give it away.  Sure you can benefit from having read some of the earlier stories but it's not a requirement.  This is not a "solve it in 60 minutes" CSI mystery.  It's much more methodical and luck and good timing do not always swing Kurt's way.  (He did not run over a hare in this one but he saw a few.  Good thing for the hares of Ystad!)

At Harvard I also got to see an Espresso in action - not just at a trade show showing samples.  The employee was so gracious to answer all my questions.  It is very cool.  Such a fun day with great weather and great scenery.  The kind of day someone should have been taking pictures of the Quad for the Harvard brochure.  But do they need marketing help?  Probably not.

I'm up to 43 books for 2010.  I should have no problem making 50 this year since I'm taking a 10 day vacation to my folks over Thanksgiving.  As mentioned before I am an avid reader, in part, because my parents encouraged the activity.  I can picture some days of us all reading and walking around the condo listening to our various iPods.  Trust me - it could happen!

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