Monday, December 13, 2010

Hello Again Dewey!

Oh, boy.  Now I know emotions tend to run high this time of year, but it might be a bad sign when you are bawling your eyes out on Page 1 of the new Dewey book.  The picture of him was just killing me.

This book is a collection of stories by people who wrote to Vicki Myron after the death of Dewey.  The main theme is that these people see their cats not as mere animals, but as members of the family or a best friend or as someone who helped them through rough patches.  Now Candy is my first pet ever and I have never considered her just a cat.  She is my buddy.  And, yes, as this book points out, people tend to get the cat that fits them best.  That is for sure in our house.  As I have told the story many times, Candy picked P. out at the shelter by biting him a few times to get his attention.

That said, I have to say this book is not very well written.  Just goes to show that big readers do not always make great writers - even with a co-author.  It started to sound like a broken record.  Similar to the LeBron James' autobiography.  We get the point - please stop repeating it.

I also started to feel kind of bad reading the book after a while.  I don't like to feel better about my life because others have bad lives.  The people featured in this book have, for the most part, really been through the wringer and the connecting thread is a cat that meant the world to them.  It just got to be a little much after a while.  Each time I started a story I thought "oh, here we go again".

As much as I love the story of Dewey, I don't think I will read another Dewey book.  If you know a library lover, a cat lover and/or a book lover buy them the first Dewey book for the holidays.

Two more weeks until the end of 2010!  Time to start thinking about the "best of" list and time for me to sneak a few more in under the wire.

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