Thursday, December 2, 2010


This is the Newberry selection for January.  It also has the distinction of being the first book I purchased in e-format.  Which had me thinking while reading the book because one of themes seems to be change and things that no longer exist or are no longer popular.

It takes a true talent to write about nothing.  I'm not saying that to be flip at all.  I am not surprised that this one won the Pulitzer because you finish it and think "man, I just read a book about nothing and nobody".  But that's not entirely true because even the most normal lives have extraordinary events and nobody is entirely a nobody or a nothing.

If you are really emotional person be careful reading this one because it will get you.  It was kind of hard to read it at my parents' because essentially it is the story about a man who is dying and thinking about his father.  It is more than that and you should check this one out.

No, I'm not reading a book a day.  I finished 3 books in Atlanta but could not post to Blogger so figured I would put up the reviews one at time for the next few days.  Coming tomorrow a silly one - after two sad ones in a row I needed some levity!

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