Saturday, January 1, 2011

#50 and Lessons from Patricia

"Ripley Under Water" marks off #50 for 2010.  Once I hit 49 books I slowed down a little and had to tend to a few things in Santa's Craft Workshop for Christmas.  Happy 2011 everyone!

Reading is a great way to learn.  For example, when you read Patricia Highsmith you learn some very important life lessons.

1.  If you have a pond on your property someone will drown in it.
2.  If you suspect someone of murder don't bother them - they probably want to be left alone.
3.  Bad guys don't always lose and good guys can often be jerks.

This is the 5th and final Ripley book and while it's good I did not enjoy it as much as the others I have read in the series.  I checked and it has not been make into a movie and I think I would have enjoyed it as a movie.  The story involves art forgery and the descriptions of the paintings were detailed and it would be interesting to see them come to life.

Speaking of movies, if anyone has read "Winter's Bone" and seen the movie let me know.  I thought there were 3 differences between the book and the movie that I found curious.  The movie is very good, but in this instance, I liked the book better.

I should be posting my Best Of 2010 tomorrow.  Happy New Year!

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