Tuesday, January 11, 2011

ALA and First for 2011 and Nancy

Back to a snowy Chicago after 5 beautiful days in San Diego for ALA.  Truth be told I saw about a 2 mile radius around the convention center but don't feel bad for me - picked up some good books.  I also saw Nancy Pearl walking the aisles by herself and stopped her to tell her that I really enjoyed her podcasts and am a big fan.  She is so cute and nice.

So here is my haul from ALA Midwinter.  I had limited space in the suitcase so had to be picky about my selections.
The Diaz is an upcoming Newberry selection and Penguin was having a good deal on their titles.  I am excited about the Dubus III since I loved "House of Sand and Fog" and this is a memoir.  The yoga one makes me laugh.  A while back some of my friends were wondering with the popularity of knitting stories would yoga get its due with fiction?  And it has!  (The book looks silly but I'm willing to give it a chance).

My first book from 2011 was a title I picked up at the ALA meeting in the Fall.  "You Killed Wesley Payne" is a YA book to be released in February of 2011.  It is send-up of noir detective stories.  I liked it at the beginning and then it began getting a little too hip for me.  (A person who has hung himself has pulled an "INXS".  Would a YA reader get that reference?).  Plus the story talks about a high school student hanging himself and features a clique called the Lee Harvies that shoot at students.  It's done tongue in cheek but the story can get a little uncomfortable at times.  I could see it turned into a movie with effects similar to "Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World".

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Andrea A. said...

am very curious to hear what you think of 'oscar wao.' I just did not connect with that book...