Saturday, January 22, 2011

Rat Girl

Bought this one at Transistor with a Groupon.  It is a good store with nice owners and I think is the model of the bookstore of the future.  Very edited selection based on the theme of the store --- for Transistor it's music and fashion and architecture.

Remember when Boston was the hot music city and 4AD was THE music label?  I do.  I am sure I've seen Throwing Muses live.  While reading this book I listened to some songs on iTunes and, boy, are they dated.

A memoir can be tricky since it's such a specific time in a person's life.  I wondered where her parents were during this time in her life.  I wondered why she had to take out her contacts to perform live, and was on lithium but could still have the energy, and desire, to send demo tapes to record companies.  The books straddles shyness and ego.  It's not a great book.  I think I read it because I was interested in that time in music but not particularly this person.

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