Monday, January 17, 2011

A spy can be a regular person

I've started noticing more videos on Amazon to promote books.  If you watch the one for "Your Republic is Calling You" you might think the book is a little more action packed.  Thanks to A. for telling me about this title because it's fiction about North Korea!  A great combination.

It took me a chapter or two to get into the rhythm of the translation.  I did like this book and would read another by this author.  I thought the main character was interesting and funny.  He makes a great comment about spies.  You never know really good spies because they are too good to be caught.  Even though he is a North Korean living in South Korea and helping North Koreans who enter the country, he does not seem like a spy in the traditional James Bond sense of the word.  He is kind of a normal guy all things considered.  Running a business.  Raising a family.  Who can he trust?  So after 10 years of being left alone it appears that North Korea wants him back.

There are really good characters in this book.  My favorites were the main character, the teacher, the local government agent and the daughter.  I could have done without the wife but I guess she was included for another layer of secrecy.  Plus I got to read about North Korea in a fiction book.  This book explained a little more about the student movement in South Korea to support the North Korean government and those scenes are pretty funny.  South Korean students posturing that they want to support the Dear Leader while one of their fellow students is North Korean.

Read this one on the iPad but in the Kindle format.  This title was not available in iBooks.  Found the Kindle format very similar to iBooks and easy to read.  Kindle does include a feature where it will show what others have underlined in their book.  Ugh!  I turned that off right away.  Why all these social features?  I don't care what someone else underlined in their book.

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